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White Paper - Colombia's Solar Visionaries

Colombia, one of South America’s fastest-growing economies, could very well become the continent’s largest solar energy market. In order to get a better perspective on how the market will develop over the coming months, Solarplaza reached out to 5 key visionaries in Colombia’s PV market, to get their take on the solar situation in the country. The report focuses on five of the most important topics present in the market and what steps need to be taken to overcome the challenges that affect solar energy development. The report also includes excerpts from the interviews conducted with these visionaries in relation to their opinions on the future of solar PV in Colombia.

A new era for solar in Colombia

Join this webinar to learn some of the key non-technical risks present in the Colombian market and the future of distributed generation.

The Solar Future - a land of opportunities

Colombia has all the necessary ingredients for a solar expansion. What are the current opportunities and challenges in Colombia? Join this webinar to learn more!

State of the Colombian Solar Market

State of the Colombian Solar Market

BOGOTÁ - 27 SEPTEMBER 2019 - The Colombian energy sector is increasingly turning to solar and renewables in order to diversify its electricity mix, which has been mainly dependent on hydropower. Solarplaza’s “Country Report Colombia” outlines the current state of the Colombian solar market and its immediate prospects.

Colombia Country Report

The purpose of this report is to provide key facts and figures on the economic and political landscape of Colombia, along with a summary of the major developments in its rapidly-growing solar market.

Time for the Colombian PV market to take action!

Time for the Colombian PV market to take action!

Destined to fulfill its prolific renewable energy potential, Colombia has made headlines with bilaterally negotiated contracts. With the launch of the upcoming renewable auction, it is now the time for the solar industry to step up to the plate.