Wednesday 6 November
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09:15A solar story

Solar has been on a roll in different Latin American markets (and the world!).
What is the recipe and does Colombia have the right ingredients?
  • Experiences of deploying solar in Chile and Mexico.
  • Challenges faced in other markets.
  • Colombia’s recent history of solar: lessons learned.
  • 2019 as a key turning point for solar in Colombia, what to expect from 2020?
  • A review of governmental subsidies to promote solar (Law 1715).

10:00Solar and the system

Solar is part of a broader energy system.
How does it currently fit with Colombia’s energy needs?
  • Hydro energy in Colombia and its future. Will solar fill in the gap?
  • Latest status on the Hidrotuango hydro project.
  • The importance of natural gas.
  • The impact of El Niño.
  • The impact of e-mobility on the grid and the role of solar in this transition.
  • Assessing changes in energy demand.
  • Generation costs of solar and other energy sources.

10:45Auctions 2.0

After a first initial attempt to implement large-scale auctions failed early in 2019,
a new revised auction scheme is destined to open a wide range of opportunities for developers.
  • Are the auctions a club for big players only?
  • Are “packages” of 0.5 MWh the right size to spur competition and drive prices down?
  • Currency risk
  • Status of awarded capacity.
  • Do the new terms and conditions attract the private sector and smaller players?
  • How to mitigate counterparty risk?
  • Will competition indicators (concentration and dominance) be met in the new auction?
  • How to ensure a fair bidding process from the demand side?


12:00Accessing the grid

In order for solar to succeed, the grid has to accept and prioritize solar.
  • Rules on independent companies tapping into the grid.
  • Selling excess energy to the grid.
  • Will there be enough capacity for the projected volume?
  • Interconnections: north to south and cross-country.
  • New grid law (resolution CREG 070/2019).

12:30Shining on both sides: a bifacial technology review

Bifacial modules are the latest technological innovation, forecasted to take a central role in new PV plants. In this session, we’ll delve deep into the pros and cons of bifacial modules.
  • Tracking the improvement of energy yield.
  • Tracking the increase in project costs and LCOE
  • Does it make sense in Colombia?
  • Will bifacial modules become the new standard?

13:00Learnings from the first utility-scale PV plants in Colombia

Celsia’s 9.8 MW Solar Yumbo plant entered operations on September 3, 2018. And many others have followed. What can the industry learn from this?
  • A year in review.
  • Tracking the increase in project costs and LCOE
  • What have been some of the unexpected occurrences and how to deal with them?
  • Projections for the next year.


12:00Bilateral Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): a review

Bilateral PPAs allow for the buying and selling of energy and a “new” paradigm in project financing. Join this session to learn how advanced PPAs are in Colombia and what they can do for your project.
  • An update on resolutions 40791, 40795 and CREG030.
  • Utility PPA vs. corporate PPA
  • A story of two sides: supply and demand
  • How to incentivize longer tenors (15+ years)?
  • PPAs or auctions?

12:45Financing of projects

No project would ever see the light without the right financing. Banks, DFIs, equity… a puzzle with many pieces.
  • Currency, currency, currency
  • The bankability of the offtaker and the bankability of the PPA
  • Is there enough capital for the projected growth?
  • Local vs. foreign financing
  • Do structures differ between tendered projects?
  • Does balance sheet financing distort the market?




14:45Bringing 1 and 0s to electricity: the digitalization of energy

Blockchain, AI, machine learning, IoT…. These are some of the most common terms when one looks for digitalization of energy. What is it and does it even matter?
  • The curious case of blockchain and energy.
  • What are the new business models when one assumes full digitalization?
  • Are incumbents future-proof?
  • Power to the people: how digitalization is putting the consumer in the center.
  • Alternative funding strategies via crowdfunding.
  • Demand-response mechanisms and virtual power plants.

15:30Solar Asset Management in Colombia

A proper O&M and asset management strategy is vital to the long-term success of any plant. Join this session as experts discuss the most important issues on how to effectively manage solar in Colombia.
  • What does Solar Asset Management mean?
  • Why it's important to have a long-term vision.
  • The eternal debate: OPEX vs. CAPEX.
  • The benefits of planning O&M during the design and construction phases.
  • Trackers, drones and other technologies.



There is a plethora of incentives and tax breaks available for the deployment of solar in Colombia. Join this session to learn all about them.
  • FENOGE - Fund for Nonconventional Energies and Efficient Energy Management
  • What are some of the incentives (tax exemptions) from the latest financing law from December 2018?
  • Decreto 2462 and its impact
  • Plan Nacional de Desarrollo 2018-2022: new tax incentives and VAT exemptions

15:30The new economics of energy storage

The cost of storage is plummeting globally, making it an attractive business case when combining solar with storage. Is this feasible in Colombia?
  • A solar+storage project in Colombia: a hypothetical example.
  • Is there a need for storage with the current capacity?
  • Does the future hold a risk of cannibalization in Colombia and what does this mean for storage?

16:45Sizing the market: a case for distributed generation and C&I

The large scale (utility-scale) segment is gaining a lot of traction.
However, opportunities arise in different segments, such as distributed generation and C&I.
Is the cake big enough?
  • Projected volume growth for both DG and C&I.
  • Incentives for DG and C&I
  • Regulatory compliance for C&I plants.
  • Who, where and when?

17:15Closing keynote

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