# Plant Name Size* Owner Developer O&M Value** Country Since
1 Finis Terrae 160 MWpEnel Green Power Ingenostrum 270M USD Chile 27/05/2016
2 Nacaome and Valle 146 MWp Larach Grupo SOPOSA and COHESSA Scatec Solar232M USD Honduras 05/06/2015
3 Amanecer Solar CAP plant 100 MWpSunEdison Amanecer Solar SunEdison250M USD Chile 06/08/2014
4 Pampa Norte 79 MWpEnel Green Power Ingenostrum Enel Green Power Chile150M USD Chile 04/06/2016
5 María Elena PV plant 73 MWpSunEdison Nexer Energia Solar SunEdison190M USD Chile 6/8/2015
6 Luz del Norte "Northern Light" 71 MWpFirst Solar SCB II SpA 2 First Solar183M USD Chile 10/28/2015
7 Salvador Solar Plant 70 MWpEtrion, Total, Solventus SunPower SunPower200M USD Chile 01/23/2015
8 La Jacinta 65 MWpAbdul Latif Jameel FRV OHL Industrial150M USD Uruguay 07/01/2015
9 Aura Solar II 62 MWpAura Solar, Gauss Energia Gauss Energia, Isolux Corsan Isolux Corsan120M USD Honduras 07/31/2015
10 Lalackama I 60 MWpEnel Green Power Enel Green Power Enel Green Power110M USD Chile 12/29/2014
11 Horus Energy 58 MWpOnyx Group Grupo Ortiz Onyx Group100M USD Guatemala 02/04/2015
12 Jama Solar 58 MWpRIJN Capital Chile EFACEC EFACEC- Chile 01/01/2016
13 Choluteca 1 & 2 58 MWpSunEdison Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy SunEdison105M USD Honduras 8/4/2015
14 Chanares Solar 40 MWpEnel Green Power Greenwood Biosar Enel Green Power70M USD Chile 01/15/2015
15 Aura Solar I 39 MWpAura Solar Gauss Energia Martifer Solar, Gauss Energia100M USD Mexico 09/01/2013
16 Marcovia Phase 1 Plant 35 MWpGrupo Ortiz Gestamp Solar Gestamp Solar 90M USD Honduras 06/05/2015
17 Alto Cielo 26 MWpTerraForm Global Solarpack SunEdison35.4M USD Uruguay 03/01/2016
18 Pozo Almonte Solar plant 2&3 25 MWpSolarpack Solarpack Solarpack80M USD Chile 09/29/2014
19 Pavana Solar plant 24 MWpEnerbasa Enerbasa EnerbasaN/A Honduras 07/31/2015
20 Pacifico 23 MWpSunEdison Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy SunEdison41M USD Honduras 8/4/2015
(21) Tacna Solar 20TS 22 MWpT-Solar Solarpack, Gestamp Solar Solarpack, Gestamp Solar98M USD Peru 10/31/2012
(22) Reparticion Solar PV Plant 22 MWpT-Solar, Sojitz T-Solar T-Solar83M USD Peru 07/01/2012
(23) Majes Solar PV Plant 22 MWpT-Solar, Sojitz T-Solar T-Solar83M USD Peru 08/01/2012
(24) Panamericana Solar 21 MWpT-Solar Solarpack, Gestamp Solar Solarpack, Gestamp Solar98M USD Peru 12/31/2012
* All decimals have been rounded to the nearest integer
** Please read additional comments that specify what the value is based on

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SAM LATAM Top 20 - Pie Chart - By Plant Capacity (UPDATE) (F).png

Si quiere conocer más -y en profundidad- acerca de los mercados de energía solar de Latinoamérica, le sugerimos consultar el informe: Latin America PV Playbook. Con el código SLPZA15 usted recibirá un 15% de descuento.

El Latin America PV Playbook publicado por GTM Research ofrece una evaluación trimestral del mercado solar de América Latina, pronosticando la demanda y analizando los proyectos, las políticas y los actores que harán que esto suceda. Teniendo en cuenta que el mercado posee numerosos riesgos (tanto positivos como negativos), el Playbook también proporciona un análisis basado en el escenario del futuro del mercado. El análisis del Playbook se extiende por los segmentos del mercado: residencial, comercial, industrial y a gran escala, e incluye un enfoque profundo de los principales mercados de Brasil, Chile y México, al mismo tiempo que incluye países de Centroamérica, el Caribe y el resto de Sudamérica. Cada trimestre, el Playbook va acompañado del Seguidor Solar del Proyecto Fotovoltaico de América Latina, que es una base de datos con más de 1.100 proyectos que cruzan todos los países de la región, con detalles sobre los desarrolladores de los proyectos, dimensiones de los proyectos, ubicaciones, intermediarios financieros, valores de PPA y más.
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# Additional Comments Sources
1 The facility is located in the municipality of María Elena in the Antofagasta Region, around 1,300 km north of Santiago, has an installed capacity of 160 MW and can generate more than 400 GWh yearly. Enel invested approximately 270 million US dollars in the construction of the project in line with the Group’s strategic plan. The investment was financed through Enel’s own resources. Finis Terrae is supported by a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA), and the power generated by the plant will be delivered to Chile’s Northern Region Transmission Network, SING (Sistema Interconectado del Norte Grande). https://www.enelgreenpower.com//en-gb/media-press-releases/Pages/enel-starts-production-at-its-largest-pv-solar-plant-in-chile.aspx
2 The two sites on which the power station is built are called "Agua Fría” and “La Llave” http://cafe.mariolarach.com/2015/05/solar-power-plant-in-honduras-is.html
3 The power purchase agreement was signed by CAP Group, the biggest steel producer in Chile. Th eplant will power it's mining projects. At the time of inauguration it was the biggest solar PV plant in Latin America. http://www.power-technology.com/projects/amanecer-solar-cap-power-plant-copiapo/
4 Plant value is based on the development costs as mentioned in the first source. http://www.pv-magazine.com/news/details/beitrag/enel-begins-production-at-79-mw-chile-solar-plant_100024088/#axzz4BAfVpIe0
5 At the time the plant was constructed, it was set to become the second largest plant online. The plant value was based on the first source. http://investors.sunedison.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=106680&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1943383
6 The first two blocks of this large project are now fully operational. They account for about half of the total capacity of the project, which is 141 MW. The remaining part of the plant is set to go online later this year. The total project costs were 366 million USD. http://investor.firstsolar.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=938964
7 It is the only plant making this list that is owned by three companies. Etrion has the largest stake in the power plant. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/total-and-sunpower-celebrate-completion-of-70-megawatt-pv-salvador-solar-plant-in-chile-300024566.html
8 It delivers 100% of it's Energy to UTE, making it the first utility-scale project in Uruguay to date. The plant value is based on the loans received from the various financial institutions, as mentioned in the second source. La Jacinta is now owned by Abdul Latif Jameel, as FRV was bought by the company earlier this year. http://www.ohl.es/en/press-room/news/2016/april-2016/160429-commissioning-of-la-jacinta-solar,-the-first-photovoltaic-plant-and-the-largest-of-its-kind-in-uruguay/
9 The project has been completed in just 7 months, and is now one of the most efficient and best managed in the region. Plant value is based on the investment sum as stated on the Gauss Energia website. http://www.solarserver.com/solar-magazine/solar-news/current/2016/kw09/isolux-corsan-completes-61-mw-solar-pv-plant-aura-ii-in-honduras.html
10 Enel Geen Power has built another power plant, also in the Antafagasto region. Lalackama 2 has an installed capacity, totalling Enel's solar capacity in the region to 78MW. PLant value is baesd on the overall investment. https://www.enelgreenpower.com/en-GB/events_news/news/release.aspx?iddoc=1663117
11 Plant value is based on a required investment from ONyx of 100 million US dollars, as mentioned in the second source. As reported by the third source, along with other News Media, the 58MW is just the first operational phase of the 88MW plant. The second 30MW phase will has come or will come online soon. http://www.centralamericadata.com/en/article/home/Guatemala_58_MW_Solar_Plant_Starts_Operations
12 The plant consists of two projects. The first phase has been operational since April 2015, the second phase became operational in January this year. http://cdec2.cdec-sing.cl/pls/portal/cdec.pck_web_cdec_sing.sp_pagina?p_id=5204# , Efacec Representative
13 Consists of 2 projects, Choluteca 1 (23 MW) and Choluteca 2 (35 MW) http://research.gsd.harvard.edu/zofnass/files/2016/04/02_Choluteca_Exec_En.pdf
14 Plant value is based on the development costs as mentioned in the second source. http://www.gwenergy.com/greenwood-biosar-begins-construction-of-40mw-chile-solar-project/
15 Delivers 65% of the power usage by the people of La Paz. Plant value was based on the investment costs as stated on the Gauss Energia website. http://www.aurasolar.com.mx/eng/aura-solar-I.html
16 Plant value is based on the total investment as stated in the first source. http://www.pv-magazine-latam.com/noticias/detalles/articulo/honduras--inauguran-la-central-solar-marcovia-de-35-mw_100019458/
17 Plant value is based on the transaction sum that was involved in the aqcuisition deal between TerraForm Global and Solarpack. http://www.pv-magazine.com/news/details/beitrag/uruguay--solarpack-sells-26-mw-pv-plant-to-sunedison-yieldco_100019428/#axzz4BAfVpIe0
18 The plant value is based on project costs as mentioned in the last two sources. The plant was built to supply 13% of the energy consumption by the nearby mining industry. http://www.pv-magazine.com/news/details/beitrag/solarpack-inaugurates-25-mw-pv-plant-in-chile_100016596/#axzz4BAfVpIe0
19 - http://renewables.seenews.com/news/honduran-grid-receives-first-24-mw-of-solar-power-478855
20 The plant was part of a 3-project financing. Other plants that were being built by the 146 million dollar investment are also in the list, namely CHoluteca 1 & 2. http://research.gsd.harvard.edu/zofnass/files/2016/04/02_Choluteca_Exec_En.pdf
21 The two Peru projects, Tacna and Panamericana Solar are both part part of the same project. The total investment is 196 Million USD and is thus subdivided amongst the two plants. Construction of the plants took only nine months before going into operation. http://www.solarpack.es/ing/tacna.aspx
22 Plant value is based on an equal division of the total value of the two Isolux Corsan projects as mentioned in the first source. The two plants were the first large solar projects to come online in Peru. Tokyo-based Sojitz inc. has acquired a 49% stake in the two projects. http://www.pv-magazine.com/news/details/beitrag/peru--44-mw-of-pv-inaugurated_100009001/#axzz4Bpo9aAHN
23 Plant value is based on an equal division of the total value of the two Isolux Corsan projects as mentioned in the first source. http://www.pv-magazine.com/news/details/beitrag/peru--44-mw-of-pv-inaugurated_100009001/#axzz4Bpo9aAHN
24 The two Peru projects, Tacna and Panamericana Solar are both part part of the same project. The total investment is 196 Million USD and is thus subdivided amongst the two plants. Construction of the plants took only nine months before going into operation. http://www.solarpack.es/ing/panamericana.aspx

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